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SAT.1 Gold


SAT.1 Gold, the first station with exclusively German content, is aimed at the target group of 40- to 64-year-olds, especially women. This is a large target audience, and one that forms the very heart of German society. It is here that key family decisions are made. That makes 40- to 64-year-olds so attractive to the advertising industry. With daily market shares of up to 1.4 percent (women 40-64), SAT.1 Gold has established a loyal following since its launch on January 17, 2013.

SAT.1 Gold is "Good as Gold," offering beloved classics such as Edel & Starck, Der letzte Bulle or Danni Lowinski, plus reality hits like Der Wendler Clan or 24 Stunden and classics like Steiners Theaterstadl. Rounding out the lineup are journals such as SchicksalsAKTE and GesundheitsAKTE with Ulrich Meyer, Süddeutsche TV Thema with Petra Glinski, Gesund & lecker with Gaby Papenburg, Echt Gold - Mein Magazin with Annika Kipp, GOLFTOTAL - Das Magazin, and the science show Wunderwelt Wissen with Christian Mürau. SAT.1 Gold offers a new home for German pop music and its fans with Goldschlager 2013 and other music shows. Tennis is also important at SAT.1 Gold, with live broadcasts of the Davis and Fed Cup.

SAT.1 Gold features a different genre each evening: documentaries, feature films, crime drama, series, and more.

SAT.1 Gold can be received throughout Germany at no charge via satellite (Astra, frequency: 12,545 MHz; polarization: horizontal; symbol rate: 22,000 MS/s; FEC: 5/6); in the cable networks of Kabel Deutschland, Unitymedia Kabel BW, Tele Columbus, Primacom, and NetCologne; and in the IPTV packages of Deutsche Telekom and Vodafone. SAT.1 Gold is also available through DVB-T in the Munich metropolitan area. The technical reach is currently above 75 percent.

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    SAT.1 Gold

    Located in

    Unterföhring (Germany)

    Founded in



    Wolfgang Link [Head]

    Dr. Markus Frerker

    Katja Hofem

    Zeljko Karajica

    Karl König

    Dr. Oliver Merz

    Eun-Kyung Park

    General Manager

    Marc Rasmus


    Medienallee 7, 85774 Unterföhring


    +49 (89) 9507-10