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7 Topics, 7 Weeks

1. We take responsibility


Dear readers,

With its Media Regulations 4.0 model, ProSiebenSat.1 Media SE has set off a public debate on the sustainability of the dual system of public and private broadcasting. Our primary goal in this is to fund inclusive formats that are relevant to society and help viewers form their own opinions. In the following video, I give you an outline of precisely what we mean by this and why we need to have this important discussion at this particular point in time.

The lively response seen in recent weeks is evidence of how relevant our proposed model is. With this in mind, I would like to use the theme of “7 Topics, 7 Weeks” to continue our discussion of how to realign the framework for media policy in Germany.

In this preview that was prepared ahead of time exclusively for you, you will see that politics and issues that are relevant for society can also be presented in a modern format.

» Younger target groups are the multipliers of tomorrow«

This topic is a major concern of ours, since younger target groups are the multipliers of tomorrow. Right now, we are thus encouraging first-time and young voters to exercise their right to vote, and we are hoping to bring them to the polls through our campaign “Gestalte Deine Zukunft mit. Geh wählen!” (“Help shape your future. Go vote!”). ProSiebenSat.1 was successful in this project back in 2013: roughly 70 percent of first-time voters and nearly two-thirds of young voters surveyed had come into contact with what was then our “Go vote!” campaign.

» Our primary goal in this is to fund formats that are relevant to society.«

For our free-democratic media system, it is fundamental that – as a group – we find an effective approach that allows us to logically confront the risk of limiting the spectrum of political beliefs and opinions using algorithms. This is why it is so important to have a dual system with fair terms for regulation and financing that ensures our ability to compete in the digital world. As such, I believe it is entirely appropriate that public resources be used to fund educational policy projects that help ensure a diverse range of media outlets, regardless of who produces or broadcasts them.

I look forward to hearing your suggestions!

Conrad Albert

Member of the Executive Board, External Affairs & Industry Relations and General Counsel, ProSiebenSat.1 Media SE