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ProSiebenSat.1 TV Deutschland Grows on a Digital and Linear Basis in 2018

  • TV market share increases by 0.9 percentage points
  • Video views up 60 %
  • ProSieben is No. 1 for young viewers
  • SAT.1 makes the most successful breakfast TV show in Germany and is increasing video views (with over 1.5 billion) by a strong +106 %
  • kabel eins moves over the 5 % mark
  • ProSieben MAXX celebrates its best annual market share since the channel’s launch in 2013
  • kabel eins Doku doubles its annual market share
  • sixx and SAT.1 Gold gain


Unterföhring, December 30, 2018. Trend: Growth. In 2018, with an average market share of 27.9 %, ProSiebenSat.1 TV Deutschland’s stations record a strong performance, growing by 0.9 percentage points in a linear manner compared to 2017. In particular, the smaller channels are writing success stories: kabel eins Doku doubles its market share, ProSieben MAXX grows by more than 23 %. The range of stations also posts a top performance on digital platforms: Video views are up by 60 % overall.

Wolfgang Link, Chairman of the Management Board of ProSiebenSat.1 TV Deutschland GmbH: “In 2018, we invested significantly more in in-house productions – and it paid off. Despite the World Cup, we gained significant market share as TV Deutschland. That confirms our strategy. SAT.1 is the home of the most successful breakfast TV show on German TV and has established strong comedy and show formats with the exceptional artist Luke Mockridge, but is still showing significant weaknesses in the early evening. ProSieben succeeded in regaining its market leadership among 14- to 39-year-olds with strong shows and magazine shows. In 2018, kabel eins took a big step thanks to its clear positioning. It is important to build on that. In 2019, we will invest significantly more in locally produced programs, in particular on SAT.1 and ProSieben, to keep on growing. We will strengthen our journalistic expertize by establishing a new journalistic editorial team. kabel eins will continue to fulfill its promise to its viewers with classics and selected in-house productions. With our young stations sixx, SAT.1 Gold, ProSieben MAXX and kabel eins Doku, we intend to confirm the success of 2018 and continue programming very specifically to target groups in 2019.” 

Eun-Kyung Park, Chief Digital Officer Entertainment of ProSiebenSat.1 Media SE and member of the management team at ProSiebenSat.1 TV Deutschland: “The coalescence of TV and digital editorial teams already paid off in 2018: We expanded our digital reach far beyond our expectations with an increase of 60 % in video views compared to the previous year. Overall, we are more adventurous and as a result continue to work together. In particular, a good example of this is the digital extension of “The Voice” with digital-only content such as coach stories and podcasts. We are strengthening web-only and mobile-only products with VERT, our new vertical content offering on Instagram & Co. and Quipp, our new live quiz app. In 2019, we will continue to accelerate our growth with more digital-only content. This includes the new web series starts in spring with 17 episodes.” 

The results of the stations:

ProSieben wins in all key target groups
Winner. Winner! In 2018, ProSieben is No. 1 for young viewers in Germany and posts wins in all key target groups. On its digital platform, ProSieben increases the number of its video views by a solid 34 % to more than 1.48 billion views. With an outstanding market share of 14.9 %, ProSieben is by far the most important TV station for young viewers (ages 14 to 29). ProSieben is also the market leader for 14- to 39-year-old viewers: With a market share of 12.5 %, the station is stronger here than Das Erste (5.9 % market share) and ZDF (5.4 % market share) combined. In the traditional target group of 14- to 49-year-olds, ProSieben has closed the gap to market leader RTL by a hefty 0.8 percentage points, maintaining its market share in the year of the World Cup at the previous year's level – with a very positive development over the course of the year. After a strong November, with a market share of 10.0 %, December is up 1.3 percentage points compared to the same month of the previous year. ProSieben’s Head of Broadcasting Daniel Rosemann: “In 2018, the ProSieben brand family achieved its ambitious goals: ProSieben significantly closed the gap to the market leader RTL in the traditional target group. ProSieben MAXX continues growth. And our digital performance is impressive. Our goals for 2019 are clear: We intend to continue gaining ground with our stations. In particular, the new prime time on ProSieben on Tuesday will help. We will further increase our digital performance with digital originals and a smart digital expansion of our major TV brands – from 'GNTM' to 'Galileo'. In 2018, ProSieben benefits from its strong brand promise. On daytime TV, viewers are inspired by US sitcoms and the “taff” magazine, in access time “Galileo” scores with good figures. ProSieben impresses on prime time with a successful mix of established shows (“Germany's Next Top Model – by Heidi Klum”, “Schlag den Star”, “The Voice of Germany”) and new shows (“Late Night Berlin”, “Das Ding of the Year”, “Get The F*ck Out Of My House”, “Masters Of Dance”, “All Against One”, “Das Duell um die Welt – Team Joko gegen Team Klaas”).  

In 2018, SAT.1 scores with shows, reality and docutainment
SAT.1 is the station with the most successful breakfast television in Germany. Nothing changed here in 2018: At an average of 14.9 % and market shares of up to 20.5 %, the show is as successful as it was six years ago. And not only in TV, video views increase digitally by 87 %. The reality series “The Biggest Loser” (up to 16.2 % market share) and “Hochzeit auf den ersten Blick” (up to 14.6 % market share) are successful both in a digital and linear manner (including +30 % video views via the spin-off from “Hochzeit auf den ersten Blick”). Germany’s biggest cookery show “The Taste” impressed in its sixth season, in particular digitally across the board and achieved a hefty plus across all platforms (+28 % video views). The unique exchange experiment “Plötzlich arm, plötzlich reich” gained strong market shares of up to 10.3 % on the competitive Wednesday evening. SAT.1 once again achieved a ratings hit with “Promi Big Brother” (up to 20.2 % market share). The format also set new digital records (+264 % video views). Comedy star Luke Mockridge impressed not only with his “LUKE!” format world (including highest figure at 14.6 % market share for “LUKE! Die Schule und ich”), but also produced himself for the first time: With the sport event show “CATCH! Der große Fang Freitag”! (11.5 % market share, ages 14 to 49; 14.8 % market share, ages 14 to 39), SAT.1’s line-up gained a new key program – the rematch will follow in spring 2019. “The Voice of Germany” (up to 18.4 % market share) remains a guarantee for success for SAT.1 and “The Voice Senior" also inspires with up to 13.4 % market share. The station closes 2018 with an average market share of 8.1 % (ages 14 to 49, core target group ages 14 to 49, 8.0 % market share). At over 1.5 billion video views year-on-year, SAT.1 is up 106 % across all digital channels. 

kabel eins is the growth winner on major private stations
High five! kabel eins increases its market share to 5.0 % this year, the highest growth among private full-service stations in the German TV landscape (2017: 4.8 % market share). The increase in ratings is based on factors including the rise in access prime. “Mein Lokal, Dein Lokal” was up 27 % compared to 2017, “Abenteuer Leben täglich” is up 16 %. On competitive Sunday prime time, “Trucker Babes – 400 PS in Frauenhand” impresses with up to 7.0 %. The report series has been the best in-house production on Sunday evening for three years. On digital platforms, kabel eins is also seeing an upward trend. Video views are up by a total of 34 %. The hit TV formats “Abenteuer Leben” and “Mein Lokal, Dein Lokal” increase digitally by a hefty 70 % and 63 %. In addition to factual entertainment, feature film classics continue to be guarantees for ratings for kabel eins. For the 20th anniversary of “The Best Movies of All Time”, cult films such as “Banana Joe”, “The Day After Tomorrow” and “Gran Torino” got viewers excited with a market share of up to 10.5 %. The special programming on the 70th birthday of Otto Waalkes, with a market share of up to 8.2 %, met with above-average interest.

Record year! At a market share of 1.6 %, ProSieben MAXX celebrates its most successful year since the station was launched
The best prime time and best pre-prime time since the station was launched. The strongest NFL season ever. The highest daily market share (3.9% market share) since the program started. In 2018, ProSieben MAXX races from record to record and takes a strong step forward in ratings: The men's channel celebrates its most successful year in its five-year broadcasting history with an average market share of 1.6 % for 14- to 49-year-olds – a good plus of +0.3 percentage points compared to the previous year (2017: 1.3 % market share). In addition to the outstanding live broadcasts of “ran Football” and anime films and series, the station impresses with aspects such as WWE Sports Entertainment and its weekly eSports magazine. In its core target group of 14- to 39-year-old men, ProSieben MAXX concludes the year with a very good 2.7 % market share. In 2018, the channel scores digitally, in particular with its extensive anime range and increases its download figures of “Detektiv Conan” by over 60 % compared to last year.

Market share more than doubled: nobody is growing faster than kabel eins Doku
The smallest on the up: In 2018, kabel eins Doku grows by more than 100 % compared to the previous year to a market share of 0.7 % (2017: 0.3 %), moving up more than any other TV station in Germany. The programs “Recht und Ordnung” and “Geheimnisvolle Phänomene” were the greatest guarantees of success. Formats such as “Homicide Hunter – Dem Mörder auf der Spur”‚ “Achtung Kontrolle!” and “Ungeklärt – Mord verjährt nicht” impress with top figures up to 2.8 %. kabel eins Doku also significantly increase on prime time: “Die Schatzsucher von Oak Island” and “Unerklärliche Phänomene” maintained their ground here with a market share of up to 1.4 %.

sixx with best market share since 2015 / “This Is Us” most successful series on TV and online
Chick this out! sixx increases to 1.4 % in 2018 (ages 14 to 49), the best market share in three years (2017: 1.2% market share, 2016: 1.3% market share). A strong upturn is recorded in the core target group compared to the previous year: Among 14- to 39-year-old women, the women's channel gained 1.9 % market share (2017: 1.7 %). The first broadcast of the second season of “This Is Us” was the most successful sixx series in 2018, both in this target group on TV and on digital channels. Among the in-house productions, “Promi Big Brother – Die Late Night Show” delivers a fantastic result. But also “Sweet & Easy – Enie backt” records good ratings above the average of all stations. The hot autumn records a strong performance with Paula Lambert (“Paula kommt!”, “Paula kommt… am Telefon”, “Sexpedition Deutschland”). With new web-only content such as “Nacktgefragt” or a podcast in which Germany's best known sex expert talks about topics related to love and lust, sixx also successfully expands. 

Top year for SAT.1 Gold: Strong 1.6 % market share in 2018
Another successful year: SAT.1 Gold continues to grow in 2018, closing the year with a new record of an excellent 1.6 % market share among 14- to 49-year-old viewers (+0.1 percentage points vs. 2017). In the core target group of 40- to 64-year-old women, SAT.1 Gold celebrates a record market share at 2.8 % (+0.3 percentage points vs. 2017). With the success of sustainable animal welfare, well-founded legal consultation and cult series: “Haustier sucht Herz” and “Letzte Chance für 4 Pfoten” with Jochen Bendel, “Lenßen live” with Ingo Lenßen, “Praxis Dr. Dreesen – Ein Hof für Tiere” with Dr. Herbert Dreesen, “Im Kopf des Verbrechers” with Joe Bausch and “Kommissar Rex” were among the top prime time programs in 2018. More seasons of the in-house successful programs will be shown on SAT.1 Gold from spring 2019.


Basis: Market standard TV

Source: AGF in cooperation with GfK | videoSCOPE | Google Analytics I Webtrekk I ProSiebenSat.1 TV Deutschland | Business Intelligence

Prepared: December 30, 2018 for the period from January 1, 2018 to December 29, 2018; weighting preliminary: December 26 to December 29, 2018. Group market shares: Calculation over total of station market shares including all decimal places – thus, deviation from the total of the individual station market shares is possible. If not stated otherwise, all market shares for viewers between 14 and 49-year-olds.