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  • Communications / PR
    Diana Schardt
    Senior Vice President Communications/PR, Spokeswoman SAT.1
  • Communications / PR / Entertainment
    Christoph Körfer
    Communications/PR/Entertainment, Deputy General Manager ProSieben, Spokesman ProSieben, Vice President PR/Entertainment and in charge of Social Media/Audience Relations
  • Communications / PR / Factual & Sports
    Michael Ulich
    Communications/PR/Factual&Sports, Deputy Vice President Factual & Sports, Spokesman Kabel Eins and Kabel Eins Doku
  • Communications / PR / Entertainment
    Petra Dandl
    Communications/PR/Entertainment, Senior Publicity Manager, Spokeswoman SAT.1 GOLD
  • Communications / PR / Entertainment
    Michael Benn
    Senior-PR-Editor Entertainment, Spokesman ProSieben MAXX
  • Communications / PR / Factual & Sports
    Sandra Scholz
    Communications/PR/Factual & Sports, Vice President PR Factual & Sports, Spokeswoman sixx
  • Communications / PR / Fiction
    Brigitte Bischoff
    Vice President PR Fiction
  • Communications / PR / Content Services
    Helge Schneider
    Vice President Content Services
  • Communications / PR / Communication Projects
    Susanne Lang
    Vice President Communication Projects
  • ProSiebenSat.1 TV Deutschland
    Tabea Werner
    Communications/PR/Picture Desk
  • Communications / PR / Social Media/ Audience Relations
    Heike Allerdisse
    Head of Social Media/ Audience Relations