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»#FFS epitomizes all of the SAT.1 station’s many facets – on TV and online.«

Maximilian Genosko, Online Program Manager ProSiebenSat.1 TV Deutschland GmbH

Bright and cheery first thing in the morning? For everyone who likes to start the day with the SAT.1 “Frühstücksfernsehen” (Breakfast TV) morning show, the answer is, no problem! With a market share of up to 20.5 percent among 14 to 49 year-olds, the four-and-a-half-hour live broadcast is Germany’s most successful morning show airing from Monday to Friday. #FFS has been entrancing audiences with high-quality infotainment for over 30 years – and not just on traditional TV. Online, too, it attracts over 1.7 million unique users per month, making it one of the top formats with a high reach. Maximilian Genosko is Online Program Manager at ProSiebenSat.1 TV Deutschland GmbH. Together with the TV editorial team, he developed a 360-degree, cross-platform content concept.
What was your goal when you started with this project?

#FFS is the market leader among the German TV morning shows. Our intention was to expand the format into an equally successful digital brand. Above all, we wanted to raise the show’s profile, appeal to new target groups and demonstrate that #FFS epitomizes all of the SAT.1 station’s many facets – not just on TV, but online, too. Our aim is to reach our audience with relevant content, 24 hours a day, anywhere and everywhere, regardless of the platform. Which is why the SAT.1 online team worked hand in glove with the responsible TV editors and editors-in-chief to develop a 360-degree content concept tailored specifically to #FFS. In this context, we deliberately do not distinguish between “viewers” and “users.” To this day, that is reflected in our staff and is what makes our concept so special: Those responsible for TV and their counterparts in digital are equals in every way and make all decisions together. At the time, we broke new ground by structuring our team this way; today, the whole digital business operates on this principle.

Daily Buzz
The Digital Buzzroom provides extended and web-exclusive news content for the digital platforms of our factual brands (such as “SAT.1 Morning TV” or “taff”) as well as for our successful TV shows (such as “Germany’s next Topmodel – by Heidi Klum”, “The Voice of Germany” and “Promi Big Brother”). At the same time, a diverse range of additional topics is covered. Every day the Digital Buzzroom team produces up to 20 relevant Buzz topics in video and text, which are edited for specific users, brands, or channels.
How do you adapt #FFS for digital and on which platforms?

On each platform, we offer a customized bouquet of TV and digital-only content. Naturally, a four-and-a-half-hour daily show amasses quite a bit of material. In addition to the various reports and segments from the broadcast, we also incorporate clips created by ProSiebenSat.1 Buzzroom. What’s more, the #FFS editorial team in Berlin also produces Web content. That means we put together 25 clips per day in addition to various online articles. What’s important to remember with such large quantities of content is that it always remains in keeping with the brand. In 2017, we recorded a total of 16.5 million video views on our website. That’s compared to the roughly seven million video views we had in 2015 – the year before the project launched. This incredible surge is a real success for us. By the way, the same goes for social media: Just look at our roughly 704,000 Facebook fans and 107,000 Instagram followers.

»Our aim is to reach our audience with relevant content, 24 hours a day, anywhere and everywhere, regardless of the platform.«
Were there synergies between your work and other units at ProSiebenSat.1?

Absolutely. Thanks primarily to cross-promotions with and for other formats and stations in the ProSiebenSat.1 Group, we generate added editorial value while simultaneously advertising for our own benefit. Of all the many ways we tap into synergies within the Group, this is my personal favorite: Together with colleagues from Starwatch Entertainment, a ProSiebenSat.1 subsidiary, we recently came up with the idea of the “breakfast star.” #FFS viewers can win living room concerts performed by various artists and bands. Even Tim Bendzko has already performed.

»We need to come up with new ideas all the time to set us apart from our competitors in the digital environment.«
What made the project so special?

The team spirit and the way everyone pulled together for the benefit of the #FFS family was unparalleled.

What new plans do you have for the #FFS online edition?

We have a couple of ideas in the pipeline – for instance, we’re currently developing a chatbot and digital spin-off formats. Considering the particularly fierce competition in the digital environment, we are aware that we need to come up with new ideas all the time to set us apart from our competitors.
A really exciting prospect is the early SAT.1 evening magazine show “Endlich Feierabend!” (Knock-off time!), which launches in the fall and will also be produced by maz&more in Berlin. Both formats will share an editorial team in charge of the digital format and we will be able to come a big step closer to showcasing our brands around the clock.

Over three decades of top infotainment: In 2017, the SAT.1 “Frühstücksfernsehen” morning show celebrated its 30th anniversary. Happy Birthday!