How synergies between video-on-demand and free-tv lead to success

With the in-house production “jerks.,” the teams from maxdome and ProSieben have landed a big hit.

For all fans of improvised dialog with no embarrassment threshold, seasons 1 and 2 of jerks. are available on maxdome.

One series, two broadcasting platforms, and enormous success. With the in-house production “jerks.,” the teams from maxdome and ProSieben have landed a big hit. The buddy series starring Christian Ulmen and Fahri Yardim was broadcast via video-on-demand (VoD) and on free TV on ProSieben and was excellently marketed, with a closely coordinated PR, marketing and broadcasting plan optimizing its potential on both platforms. As a result, outstanding ratings ensured that the series soon became a favorite with viewers and critics. So it’s no surprise that jerks. has already been back with new episodes. Daisy Rosemeyer-Elbers (Program Manager; ProSiebenSat.1 TV Deutschland), Vanessa Frodl (PR Marketing Manager; maxdome) and Nathalie Galina (Fiction Communication/PR; ProSiebenSat.1 TV Deutschland) talk about their successful project.

Daisy Rosemeyer-Elbers: Program Manager; ProSiebenSat.1 TV Deutschland GmbH
Along with her colleagues Hannes Hiller and Benedikt Normann, Daisy Rosemeyer-Elbers is responsible for the content of jerks.
Together with many other colleagues, you made a big contribution to the success of jerks. What was your goal when you started the project?

Daisy Rosemeyer-Elbers: We wanted to develop a comedy series that was loud and self-confident and completely different from anything before in Germany. It also needed to be a good fit with our station ProSieben and suitable as maxdome’s first in-house production. I know Christian Ulmen from back in his MTV days and was very happy to be able to work with him again.

Vanessa Frodl: With jerks., we wanted to create a unique format for maxdome that both appealed to existing customers and attracted new ones. And of course we wanted it to set us apart from the competition and strengthen the maxdome brand.

Nathalie Galina: My focus for the project was on the communication strategy. Its primary goal was to draw as much attention as possible to the new episodes. After all, jerks. is currently unique on ProSieben as a “fictional in-house production” and it is also the first German VoD series. We are very proud of this.

Vanessa Frodl: Marketing Manager PR; maxdome GmbH
Vanessa Frodl is responsible for project coordination for jerks. at maxdome and is in charge of PR, social media, and events.
Were there any synergies with other areas of the ProSiebenSat.1 Group?

Vanessa Frodl: The focus was actually on collaboration between maxdome and ProSieben. We frequently challenged each other and helped each other improve by giving constructive feedback. The series shows that VoD and free TV complement each other really well, and this was also put into practice in the teams. 

Daisy Rosemeyer-Elbers: Working together with the other teams was an exciting challenge for me as a TV specialist and I learned a lot for future projects. After all, VoD has now become a firm part of our TV world. The fact that we broadcast jerks. both on demand on maxdome and on free TV on ProSieben enables us to advertise the series much longer and more intensively and to gain far more attention. Everybody is talking about jerks.

Nathalie Galina: Communication/PR Fiction; ProSiebenSat.1 TV Deutschland GmbH
Nathalie Galina supports jerks. in ProSieben’s Communications department.
The special thing for me as a content manager was what the actors achieved with their improvisation on set.
What was special about the project? What will you remember?

Nathalie Galina: The highlight for me was the sold-out premiere of jerks. at the Zoo Palast cinema in Berlin. Almost 800 guests watching the new episodes of the second season for the first time. How will they react when they see jerks. on the big screen? Will they enjoy the humor here as much as they do at home? Is it even more cringeworthy when you’re watching it with 800 other people?

Vanessa Frodl: jerks. is more than just a project for me. I have been responsible for its implementation at maxdome right from the start, so I also have an emotional attachment to the format and the people behind it. As well as the press event at the Zoo Palast in Berlin, the three-day press trip with the main cast was also a highlight for me.

Daisy Rosemeyer-Elbers: The special thing for me as a content manager was what the actors achieved with their improvisation on set. We specify only the storyline in advance, no dialogs are scripted. So we give the actors free rein, which results in some really incredible moments. Moments and scenes that we could never have come up with on paper beforehand! And then there’s Christian, who has an extremely good knack for casting as the director. All of this makes jerks. what it is: unique!