Shaping the future of sports together

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March 2022. With the pandemic adding momentum to the global trend for improving fitness and wellbeing, the demand for sports programs is at an all-time high. ProSiebenSat.1 is among those tapping into that potential: With a combination of capital and media volume, the investment vehicle SevenGrowth acquired a stake in Urban Sports Club in June 2021 – the fastest growing sports and fitness platform in Europe.

At home in over 80 cities in seven European countries, the Urban Sports Club Group, which includes OneFit in the Netherlands, offers its members a flexible exercise and wellness subscription package comprising extensive online classes. By advertising on ProSiebenSat.1’s platforms, the group aims not only to raise the profile of the Urban Sports Club brand in the German-speaking countries but also to continue driving the company’s strong growth, which has enjoyed a further boost from the boom in online fitness during the pandemic. The transaction underscores the importance and effectiveness of TV as a medium and highlights the strength and appeal of ProSiebenSat.1 as a strategic investor. Within the Group’s Commerce & Ventures segment, SevenGrowth uses a combination of cash and media volume to make strategic majority and minority investments in digital growth companies that have matured beyond the start-up phase. Urban Sports Club is just one example that illustrates how such partnership creates value for both sides.

Moritz Kreppel
CEO and co-founder of Urban Sports Club
Moritz Kreppel 
CEO and co-founder of Urban Sports Club

“2021 was an eventful year for Urban Sports Club and especially for our team in Europe. In response to major trends, such as new and hybrid work models, we have adapted our diverse sports and wellbeing portfolio, providing flexible training options to meet the changing needs of people and businesses. To that end, we focused on further expanding the range of live online and on-demand courses in addition to our indoor and outdoor training programs.

With ProSiebenSat.1 Group and its investment vehicle SevenGrowth at our side, we have the right partner in helping us motivate even more people to embrace an active and healthy lifestyle. This is something we feel is especially important now that many people working from home aren’t getting enough exercise. Our partnership had only just got off the ground when we launched our first successful campaign together. Thanks to the millions-strong reach of the ProSiebenSat.1 channels, we were able to increase our brand awareness and attracted more new sign-ups in the campaign period between September and October 2021 than over the same months in 2019 before the pandemic. COVID-19 has highlighted the importance of sports and wellbeing to maintain mental and physical health. Our goal is to promote a healthy lifestyle by getting even more people to return to fitness studios. In collaboration with ProSiebenSat.1, we are looking to spark a new passion for sports, fitness and wellness, above all in people who are not yet physically active. It’s how we intend to shape the future of sports together.”

  • 33% aided brand recall
  • A 65% increase in brand awareness over the course of the entire 2021 campaign period
  • 10,000+ locations across Europe
  • Europe’s largest, most flexible and diverse portfolio of offerings is available in 6 countries
  • 50+ different sports