»Tomorrow's world is what we make of it today.«
Christine Scheffler, Member of the Executive Board
»Tomorrow's world is what we make of it today.«
Christine Scheffler, Member of the Executive Board
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August 2022. For a better tomorrow – that's what #OneTomorrow stands for. Our new umbrella brand bundles all sustainable activities across the entire Group. In the interview, ProSiebenSat.1 Media SE Executive Board member Christine Scheffler and Jutta Meyer, EVP Marketing & Creation at Seven.One Entertainment Group, explain what the brand stands for and where we will encounter it in the future.

What does #OneTomorrow express for you?

Christine: That we can change and move a lot if we work together, and that our future on this planet is at stake. The #OneTomorrow brand combines both: the call to action and the positive vision – and that excited me from the start.

Why do we need the #OneTomorrow brand?

Christine: ProSiebenSat.1 has always shown commitment and a stance. Long before we created the official framework with the Group Sustainability Office, put the whole thing into a strategy and set up a reporting. It is simply part of our DNA. Because many of our colleagues care about the environment, society, and diversity and inclusion. At the same time, the topic has been gaining strategic importance for several years because it is becoming increasingly relevant for all our stakeholders, such as applicants, users, advertising customers, and investors. With the #OneTomorrow brand, we will now bundle our Group-wide commitment under a common umbrella.

How did the #OneTomorrow brand come about?

Jutta: In the first step, we compiled everything that was already happening in our Group in a strategy phase in order to get a structured overview and to be able to derive which messages we could and wanted to communicate. It was then clear that we would establish an umbrella brand with three pillars. In phase two, we developed potential names with naming experts, qualified them with 1,000 consumers, protected #OneTomorrow for ourselves, and then went into design and claim development in the 7.1Creation, including a toolkit for launching the brand.

Where will we encounter #OneTomorrow in the future?

Jutta: As a hashtag in all our social posts with sustainable content, as a co-brand or connector in our campaigns for sustainable programs, on our platforms and websites, integrated into programs, in our own #OneTomorrow spots on our TV and digital spaces, in our annual report, in our communications to advertisers – and on many other occasions.

And what all counts as #OneTomorrow?

Jutta: #OneTomorrow forms our entire commitment from the three pillars of Climate & Environment, Diversity & Inclusion, and Society, which, by the way, are also fields of action in our sustainability strategy. The Initiatives under the three pillars are enormously diverse. I will mention just a few as an example: Our stations' strong pipeline of environment and diversity programs as well as relevance initiatives and theme days, the great social commitment of 7.1AdFactory with projects like Share, Flutwein and the White Ring, major initiatives like "Conscious Beauty" at Flaconi. In addition, there are the new balanced and compensable advertising products from Seven.One Media, and in the future, we would also like to co-brand our many employee initiatives more transparently under #OneTomorrow.

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