All Channels, All Formats: SevenOne Media Launches Comprehensive Addressable TV Spot Offer

  • Addressable TV spots bookable now for all advertising customers
  • Unique technology offers high reach
  • Over 60 campaigns already carried out in beta phase

Unterföhring, August 8, 2019. Targeted advertising spots: The new addressable TV spots from SevenOne Media allow advertising spots to be addressed to a specific target audience, thus combining the high impact of advertising on television with various digital targeting options. After a beta phase, SevenOne Media is now offering the addressable TV spots on all stations and in all program environments. In this way, the new product combines the advantages of digital advertising with the reach of TV.

 Thomas Wagner, Managing Director SevenOne Media:

“Addressable TV is one of the most significant areas of growth in marketing. Germany is a leading market in this field. With our patent-pending technology we are driving the union of digital precision in delivery with the high reach of TV. Be it prime time or the morning show, our customers will benefit from the addressability of smart-TV advertising on all stations and in all time slots. In the future, we will also make addressable TV commercials available to the advertising market via our joint venture d-force.”   

The addressable TV spots are based on a unique technology that SevenOne Media has developed and filed for a Europe-wide patent and that allows distinct advertising spots to be superimposed in all advertising blocks. Addressable TV spots can thus be deployed in all program environments.

In the beta phase starting in fall 2018, SevenOne Media carried out more than 60 addressable TV spot campaigns and gathered experience in this area together with the advertising customers. Advertising customers can benefit from high reach thanks to the rapidly growing prevalence of smart TVs and support for the HbbTV 1.5 standard. The addressable TV spots expand the addressable TV product portfolio, such as the “SwitchIn” products popular with advertising customers.

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