For Smart TV: New Red Button World at ProSiebenSat.1

  • New HbbTV portals for all ProSiebenSat.1 channels: Media libraries, topic channels, interactive news, and contextual additional information on shows
  • Dual consumption: Watching TV while also finding information
  • HbbTV pushes TV: Current red button portal results in more TV consumption

Munich, August 20, 2018 – ProSiebenSat.1 is rolling out the red carpet for new entertainment via HbbTV. By pressing on the red button on their remote control, viewers can open up the entertainment worlds of ProSieben, SAT.1, kabel eins, sixx, ProSieben MAXX, SAT.1 Gold, and kabel eins Doku on smart TV. The main components of the realignment are the media library with full episodes and content relating to the TV formats and the interactive entertainment feed with digital news, services, and entertainment information. There are also topic channels that group together content from the media library into different playlists. In order to use this offer, the smart TV set must support the HbbTV standard and be connected to the internet.

Parallel use: Information and interactivity

Whether the viewer is looking for diverting entertainment while the show is running or a complete alternative to the current show, the red button always offers both options. And each station has a whole world of its own. One big change in the new red button portal is its focus on dual consumption. This means that the viewer can keep watching their TV show at the same time. After pressing on the red button on the remote control, the entertainment feed with the latest news in video and text form appears alongside the live TV image. The viewer no longer has to leave the TV image and can keep watching their show while also reading news and information. Or they can choose to browse the media library. This “lean-back” situation provides exactly what viewers are looking for in the HbbTV world: Relaxed entertainment with content that completely suits their tastes. In addition, the red button also provides the option for viewers to get actively involved. For some shows, they can take part in guessing which candidates will stay or go, for example. This means that they can also actively play along in a quiz show. Participatory activities like this have already generated interaction rates as high as 26% of the total number of users who were shown the vote.

New red button portal pushes TV

An internal, representative survey[1] analyzed the time viewers spent watching TV before and after initial use of the red button portals. It showed that the new HbbTV users spent more time on the linear TV channels of the ProSiebenSat.1 world. For example, because they found further information on other shows which they then watched. This additional viewing time was in the high single-digit percentage range. Overall, 56% of viewers watched more TV than they did before using the red button portals.

Stefanie Lüdecke, Co-Managing Director of ProSiebenSat.1 Digital, explains:
“We now know very well that viewers’ entertainment needs have become more complex. While our users watch linear TV, they simultaneously have the option to get additional information via HbbTV. With our new red button portals, we have created a first-class content platform and combined the best of the two worlds of TV and internet. We are thereby actively shaping the development of linear TV.”

ProSiebenSat.1’s HbbTV portals currently reach between 2.7 and 3 million viewers a month who call up ProSiebenSat.1’s red button offers. The potential of the channels comes to approximately 12 million viewers who have the technical capacity to use the product.

As ProSiebenSat.1 Media SE’s marketing company, SevenOne Media is responsible for the entire digital advertising inventory. A TV campaign with the motto “Red button: More TV than ever before” is accompanying the relaunch as of now on all of the ProSiebenSat.1 Group’s channels.

Sales of smart TVs rising steadily

Last year, more smart devices for home media use were sold in Germany than ever before. According to GfK Retail & Technology, a total of 6.0 million web-enabled TVs, set-top boxes, and video players and recorders with smart functions were sold in 2017. This corresponds to a year-on-year increase of 9% (2016: 5.5 million). At 4.9 million devices (2016: 4.4 million), the lion’s share related to smart TV sets. More than two-thirds (69%) of the total number of TV sets sold in 2017 (7.0 million) were equipped with smart services – five percentage points more than in the previous year (2016: 64%). The vast majority of web-enabled TVs are not only “smart” via apps and browsers, but also support the interactive broadcasting standard HbbTV (hybrid broadcast broadband TV): More than 85% of the devices sold in 2017 give viewers the option to call up additional information and offers via the red button on their remote control. HbbTV is thus well on the way to becoming a mass medium.


The following functions are offered by the ProSiebenSat.1 Group’s channels on the red button portals:

  • Option to keep watching shows in the live TV image
  • The latest news and lifestyle stories
  • Extensive media library of all ProSiebenSat.1 channels
  • Topic channels: Food und fashion, cars and adventure, comedy clips, and fascinating documentaries
  • Further information on shows
  • Access to EPGs with preview trailers for the primetime highlights
  • Weather
  • Votes
  • Games


More information about the red button portals is available at:

[1] Survey period: July ’17 to April ’18 // •Number of TV sets: 418,203

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