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ProSiebenSat.1 Media SE and Axel Springer SE participate in Klaus Hommels’ Internet Fund LAKESTAR II

Munich / Berlin, August 31, 2015. ProSiebenSat.1 Media SE and Axel Springer SE participate in the Investment Fund LAKESTAR II by Klaus Hommels. During the term of the fund, both companies will, in the context of their common Digital Initiative, invest as one of the anchor investors a combined medium double-digit million EUR amount. In total, the considerably oversubscribed fund now has a capital of 350 million EUR. LAKESTAR II focuses on digital companies with significant growth potential in Europe and the US. The fund is led by Klaus Hommels, who has a unique network across the digital ecosystem. His investments in Facebook, Skype, Spotify, and Xing have made him one of the most successful Internet investors in Europe. Following the recent co-investment in MyTicket, a subsidiary of DEAG, the investment in LAKESTAR II is a further step in the common initiative of ProSiebenSat.1 and Axel Springer intending to promote digital high-growth companies. Dr Ralf Schremper, Chief Strategy & Investment Officer of ProSiebenSat.1 Media SE: "Our participation in LAKESTAR II opens up attractive growth perspectives for us. As one of the anchor investors, we co-operate closely with one of the leading European Internet investors. At the same time we benefit from the advantages of a diversified fund and we take part in future markets, while maintaining a well-balanced risk structure. Our aim is to finance promising start-ups, to enhance their brand value and to scale up their success internationally." Dr Jens Müffelmann, CEO Axel Springer Digital Ventures: "Axel Springer already joined the US funds SV Angel and Lerer Hippeau Ventures. We made positive experiences throughout. Starting from this network we became stakeholders in many other ventures within the U.S. We now took a substantial share in LAKESTAR II which is one of the most promising funds of European origin." About ProSiebenSat.1 SE
ProSiebenSat.1 Group is one of the largest independent media corporations in Europe. The Company is the market leader in its core business of advertising-financed free TV, and is successfully adding digital entertainment offerings to its value chain. In recent years, the ProSiebenSat.1 has also built up an attractive e-commerce and ventures portfolio that is now one of its most important growth drivers. In addition, the Group has a presence in seven countries with an international program production and sales network. Thus, ProSiebenSat.1 has a broad and solid revenue and profit base. About Axel Springer SE
Axel Springer is the leading digital publisher in Europe. With headquarters in Berlin, the company is active in more than 40 countries with subsidiaries, joint ventures and licenses. Axel Springer SE is divided into three operating segments: Paid Models, Marketing Models and Classified Ad Models. In 2014, it achieved an EBITDA of EUR 507.1 million. More than half of Group revenues were generated by digital activities, which amounted to more than 70 percent of Group EBITDA. Contact: Marcus Prosch
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