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SevenOne International Launches New U.S. Business

Munich, March 3, 2011. SevenOne International now has its own company in the USA. Caroline Kusser will head the North American business and the newly founded SevenOne International Inc. Kusser, 37, previously served as regional sales director for ProSiebenSat.1 programming sales. SevenOne International's U.S. expansion is in line with the organization's three major strategic goals: 1. To expand its network of local broadcasters and producers in order to bring more programs from the SevenOne International portfolio to U.S. TV. Earlier this year SevenOne International sold Dick de Rijk's TV show You Deserve It to ABC, and the hit SAT.1 series Danni Lowinski to The CBS Television Studios. 2. To significantly enlarge SevenOne International's portfolio of English-language content so it can expand its sales network in major TV markets such as the United States and the United Kingdom. Consequently, SevenOne International will be acquiring programming from third-party U.S. providers for distribution. A current example is the television movie event William & Kate about the upcoming British royal wedding. SevenOne International is co-producer of this U.S. film, and also holds world distribution rights. 3. To cooperate with local production companies, and also offer stations the opportunity to make their own versions of SevenOne International programs. "We plan to significantly expand our programming presence in English-language markets," said Jens Richter, managing director of SevenOne International: We've repeatedly sold various light entertainment shows in the United States and the United Kingdom. We now hope to repeat that success in fiction programming. These two major TV markets almost never dub foreign programming, so by substantially expanding our portfolio of English-language content, we will break through the language barrier. Opening our Los Angeles office is the first important step toward achieving that goal." Caroline Kusser will be succeeded by Henrik Pabst at SevenOne International in Germany, although in her new role as head of North American business she will continue to cover French-speaking Canada. Pabst will take over the Scandinavian and Benelux sales territories, and the International Format Acquisitions business. Pabst most recently worked at IMG Media, the media arm of the International Management Group. As vice president of entertainment and business development, he was responsible for the German, Austrian, Swiss and Benelux markets. Aline Avedikian, manager of SevenOne International's regional sales force in France, will be responsible for France and the other French-speaking countries (except for Canada). About SevenOne International SevenOne International is the worldwide programming distribution house of ProSiebenSat.1 Media's Red Arrow Entertainment Group. Red Arrow combines a dynamic and growing group of international television production companies with powerful creative partnerships, alongside SevenOne International. ProSiebenSat.1 Media is the second-largest broadcasting group in Europe, reaching more than 78 million TV households. SevenOne International offers an extensive portfolio of TV events, TV movies, telenovelas, prime-time series and mini-series, as well as magazines show and entertainment formats. In addition, SevenOne International markets and co-finances the programs of third-party producers. The company's headquarters is located in Munich. About Red Arrow Entertainment Group Launched in January 2010 as a ProSiebenSat.1 Group company, Red Arrow combines a dynamic and growing group of international television production companies with powerful creative partnerships and a leading program distribution house. Alongside the UK operations, Red Arrow Group production companies comprise Producers at Work, Magic Flight Film, Redseven Entertainment, Sultan Sushi Belgium, Sultan Sushi Netherlands, Kinetic Content and Snowman Productions.  Also included in its portfolio are partnerships with Dick de Rijk ("Deal or No Deal", "Set for Life" and "You Deserve It!"), Omri Marcus, Genetic Entertainment, and between Redseven Entertainment and Phil Gurin ("Miss USA" and "Singing Bee").  These are accompanied by the talent agency Redseven Artists and the worldwide distribution company SevenOne International. Press Contact:
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