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The Year 2005 in TV: ProSiebenSat.1 Group Has Best Showing in Five Years

- Group rises from 29.4 to 30.3 percent in 2005
- Sat.1 picks up 0.7 percentage points to reach 12.3 percent
- Kabel 1 shows best annual figure in its history
N24 is Germanys strongest news station

Munich, December 29, 2005. The four stations of the ProSiebenSat.1 Group closed out 2005 with their best showing ever. According to weighted preliminary data, Sat.1, ProSieben, kabel eins and N24 earned a combined audience share of 30.3 percent in 2005. This figure places the Group 0.9 percentage points ahead of the year before, giving it the best annual audience share in five years (2005: 30.3%; 2004: 29.4%; 2003: 28.9%; 2002: 28.1%; 2001: 30.1%; 2000: 30.7%).

The Group also made substantial gains half-on-half. Between July and December, Sat.1, ProSieben, kabel eins and N24 combined earned 30.1 percent, up 0.7 percentage points from the prior-year equivalent. The four stations fourth-quarter result was 30.1 percent (Q4 2004: 30.1%). The Groups December figure was 28.9 percent (Dec. 2004: 29.0%; Nov. 2005: 30.7%). All figures refer to the key 14-to-49 demographic.

Sat.1: Significant growth in 2005

With a leap of 0.7 percentage points to 12.3 percent, Sat.1 grew the strongest of any Group station in 2005 (2004: 11.6%), and achieved its best results in six years. No other major German TV station earned such a significant increase. Sat.1 was also up substantially in the second half, gaining 0.7 percentage points against the previous year, to reach 12.3 percent (H2 2004: 11.6%). In the fourth quarter, Sat.1 gained 0.4 percentage points against last year, achieving 12.4 percent (Q4 2004: 12.0%). In December, Sat.1 attracted 11.7 percent of the 14-to-49 audience (Dec. 2004: 11.7%; Nov. 2005: 12.9%). The continued success of such programs as Verliebt in Berlin (up to 26.4%) and Schillerstrasse (up to 24.0%) helped Sat.1 expand its share substantially in 2005. Other ratings highlights included Die Luftbrücke Nur der Himmel war frei (up to 31.0%), live coverage of the UEFA Champions League (up to 37.6%) and shows like MegaClever (19.8%).

ProSieben: Top ratings with blockbusters, U.S. series and shows

ProSieben had an 11.7 percent share of the 14-to-49 audience in 2005 (2004: 12.1%). Blockbusters like Spider Man (36.8%) and Men in Black II (32.3%) earned peak values among the key demographic. International premium series like LOST (up to 20.2%) and Desperate Housewives (up to 23.1%) also attracted large audience shares. ProSieben scored with audiences in light entertainment as well: The 2005 Wok Racing World Championships (25.8%), Das grosse TV total Turmspringen 2005 (26.5%), Das grosse ProSieben Tanzturnier (19.2%) and Sarah & Marc in Love Die Hochzeit des Jahres (up to 23.7%) were big audience favorites in 2005.

kabel eins: Best results in station history

The year was a complete success at kabel eins. The station earned the best result since its founding. It gained 0.3 percentage points among the target demographic, raising its audience share to 5.5 percent (2004: 5.2%). The station put in a very good showing against the other comparison periods as well. From July to December 2005 it gained 0.4 percentage points to reach 5.6 percent (H2 2004: 5.2%), and for the fourth quarter it picked up 0.2 percentage points against the prior-year equivalent (Q4 2004: 5.3%) to reach 5.5 percent. In December 2005, the Munich station attracted 5.5 percent, a substantial 0.5 percentage point gain over the prior year (Dec. 2004: 5.0%; Nov. 2005: 5.6%). Popular successes among kabel eins viewers were not limited to feature films like Highlander (10.9%) and A Few Good Men (11.1%) events (Al Bundy: up to 19.8%) and light entertainment and information shows also earned the station consistently high shares. Crime Friday regularly attracted above-average shares with the series Cold Case (up to 8.8%), Without a Trace (up to 10.0%) and Missing (up to 10.0%).

N24: Number 1 among news stations

N24 took the lead among German news stations back at the end of 2004, and has kept it ever since. At the same time, the station made further substantial gains in audience share during 2005. The news station picked up 0.3 percentage points to reach 0.8 percent of the key demographic (2004: 0.5%). It also showed a significant gain in the second half, adding 0.3 percentage points to achieve 0.9 percent (H2 2004: 0,6%). In the fourth quarter, N24 gained 0.3 percentage points against last year (Q4 2005: 0.9%; Q4 2004: 0.6%), reaching 0.9 percent in December (Dec. 2004: 0.7%; Nov. 2005: 0.8%).

RTL and RTL 2 surrender shares

Station RTL finished out 2005 down 0.8 percentage points (2005: 16.0%; 2004: 16.8%). The Cologne station lost 0.6 percentage points in the second half (H2 2005: 16.0%; H2 2004: 16.6%). RTL came to 16.3 percent in the fourth quarter (Q4 2004: 16.9%), and 15.9 percent in December (Dec. 2004: 15.8%; Nov. 2005: 16.7%). Vox earned a 6.5 percent share in 2005 (2004: 5.5%), and a 6.5 percent share in the second half (H2 2004: 5.9%). Voxs share of the key demographic was 6.6 percent in the fourth quarter (Q4 2004: 6.0%), and 6.4 percent in December (Dec. 2004: 6.0%; Nov. 2005: 6.8%). Super RTLs share was 2.7 percent for the year (2004: 2.5%) and likewise 2.7 percent for the second half (H2 2004: 2.5%). For the fourth quarter and the month of December, the childrens channel earned 2.7 percent (Q4 2004: 2.6%; Dec. 2004: 2.7%; Nov. 2005: 2.8%). News station n-tv had a share of 0.6 percent for the year (2004: 0.5%) and for the second half as well (H2 2004: 0.5%). The station earned 0.5 percent in the fourth quarter (Q4 2004: 0.5%) but lost 0.2 percentage points against the prior year for December (Dec. 2005: 0.5%; Dec. 2004: 0.7%; Nov. 2005: 0.5%). RTL 2 lost 1.0 percentage point against 2004 (2005: 6.5%; 2004: 7.5%). The station dropped 1.2 percentage points in the second half (H2 2005: 6.3%; H2 2004: 7.5%) and 0.9 percentage points in the fourth quarter (Q4 2005: 6.2%; Q4 2004: 7.1%). RTL 2s December figure was 5.9 percent (Dec. 2004: 6.9%; Nov. 2005: 6.2%).

Source: AGF/GfK, PC#TV / SevenOne Media, all households D + EU, viewers 14-49.

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