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DISCLOSURE OF AN INSIDE INFORMATION PURSUANT TO ARTICLE 17 MAR OF THE REGULATION (EU) NO. 596/2014: Ad Hoc Publication Pursuant to Sec. 15 German Securities Trading Act (WpHG): ProSiebenSat.1 increases recurring EBITDA by 64.3 percent to EUR 154.9 million / earnings expectations exceeded once again

Munich, November 3, 2010. The ProSiebenSat.1 Group continued its profitable growth in the third quarter 2010 with a significant earnings increase at almost stable recurring costs. The Groups recurring EBITDA grew by 64.3 percent, or EUR 60.6 million, in comparison to the third quarter of 2009 to EUR 154.9 million. EBITDA increased by EUR 81.8 million to EUR 144.1 million (+131.3 percent versus the prior-year). The consolidated profit after taxes and non-controlling interests grew by EUR 44.7 million to plus EUR 32.0 million. Thus the Group once again significantly exceeded market expectations. The dynamic earnings increase in the third quarter of 2010 again mainly resulted from higher TV advertising revenues in the Groups core market, Germany.

External revenues in the German-speaking Free TV segment (Germany, Austria and Switzerland) grew by 14.8 percent, or EUR 49.8 million, to EUR 387.1 million in the third quarter of 2010. The revenue contribution of the International Free TV segment rose by 5.0 percent to EUR 156.7 million (Q3 2009: EUR 149.2 million). In the diversification segment the Group achieved a revenue growth of 13.8 percent to EUR 83.1 million (Q3 2009: 73.0 million).

The Groups consolidated revenues increased by a total of 12.0 percent, or EUR 67.4 million, to EUR 626.9 million. Recurring costs, which are total costs less non-recurring costs, depreciation and amortization, were at EUR 475.0 million (Q3 2009: EUR 469.3 million).

Net financial debt improved by 7.1 percent, or EUR 250.6 million, to EUR 3.284 billion at the end of September 2010 against the prior-year figure.

The ProSiebenSat.1 Q3 quarterly report will be published on November 11, 2010.

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