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MIPTV 2011: SevenOne International to Present Extensive Format Slate

Munich, March 31, 2011. SevenOne International, the ProSiebenSat.1 Group's programming sales company, will be presenting a broad portfolio of new formats at MIPTV in Cannes from April 4 to 7, 2011. Highlights include Dick de Rijk's new game shows "You Deserve It" and "Money Grabbers" as well as fascinating sciencetainment shows such as "The Insiders". Content Portfolio
"You Deserve It", the new game show from Dick de Rijk, the creator of "Deal Or No Deal" offers a unique combination of studio-based, nailbiting game show and on-location reality TV with a big surprise reveal. In the emotional game show "You Deserve It", which is currently piloted for ABC, contestants have to nominate the beneficiary for whom they want to play. They can potentially win a fortune and make this the turning point in the life of one special person. Everything depends on the contestant's knowledge, intuition and ability to keep their cool at all times! Imagine being locked in a stunning glass dome facing seven nerveracking rounds. That's the premise of Money Grabbers, the new game show sensation by Dick de Rijk. Afterwards you're standing on what could be a mountain of cash - possibly millions of dollars, depending how smart and fast you are. The final crucial round decides how much precious time the contestant has for the ultimate grab. Then the heartstopping race begins: the spectacular money-grabbing finale! The Insiders (produced by Redseven Entertainment) is the most imaginative and visually dramatic sciencetainment show of all time! The two presenters are tiny voyagers, journeying through a human body with a microshuttle. In each episode, they investigate the inner workings of one celebrity contestant's body, giving the contestant-and the viewers - the real "inside story"! This show boasts the most unusual studio setting in the world. Take five days, one star and four potential lovers, add lots of romance, intimacy and tension - and then vote for your favourite contestant as they compete for their most adored, single celebrity's heart! On each episode of Sweet Foursome one competitor attempts to win over the celebrity, but with the other three contestants always present, seduction during the date is almost impossible! It's the most addictive Page 2 of 3 dating/reality show on prime-time TV. Named the "Best - Best" TV show of 2010 in Hungary, the crazy comedy game show Stars Gone Crazy immediately doubled the ratings for its time slot and has pulled in the best ratings for its slot over the past four years. Each week, two teams of celebrities battle it out by undertaking the most hilarious physical challenges. In each 1-hour episode, the celebrity teams must perform three totally unique stunts, with points awarded for the best performance. At the end of the tournament, the proud celebrity team winners are presented with the highly coveted "Craziest Celebrity Team's Cup." This show offers the best and most desirable CCC format: competition, comedy and celebrities! From the creator of "Unanimous" and "Solitary" comes a compelling new social experiment. Deadlock (produced by Genetic) is a fascinating and revealing game of wits, manipulation and strategic social warfare. Five determined contestants are isolated and given a grueling task. Inside a safe with a time lock is $ 75,000 in cold, hard cash - split into four unequal shares. The cash is theirs to take if they
can all agree on who gets the four shares and who must settle for absolutely nothing! Would you be willing to Bet Your Brain? Based on the Danish board game sensation, four celebrities rack their brains on this game show (produced by Redseven Entertainment). Faced with 12 questions, the celebrities all have one goal: to win the most "Brain Cells"! Whenever a celebrity has to answer a question, the other contestants bet on whether or not the person knows the answer! Whoever wins the most Brain Cells wins the game - and € 25,000 for the charity they're sponsoring! Scoring market shares of up to 44% (4+), Made in … (produced by Sultan Sushi) presents the stories of expats who have successfully exported their national and cultural identities worldwide to the great benefit of their respective countries. The host is treated to a stunning tour of the region where he or she now lives. The expat discovers the natural beauty, local culture and distinctive cuisine of their new environment, giving viewers an intimate look at this person's life abroad. In The King of Crafts (produced by Redseven Entertainment) a relic from childhood becomes the show spectacle of the year! Three celebrity pairs compete against each other and are judged by the toughest jury in the world: children! In this game show, three celebrity teams are confronted with paper folding, gluing, hammering, sawing and drilling. The results are closely examined by a team of experts - in this case two ruthlessly honest children, who are given support by a comedian. SevenOne International will be exhibiting at MIPTV 2011 at stand Page 3 of 3 H4.12. About SevenOne International
SevenOne International is the worldwide programming distribution house of ProSiebenSat.1 Media's Red Arrow Entertainment Group. Red Arrow combines a dynamic and growing group of international television production companies with powerful creative partnerships, alongside SevenOne International. ProSiebenSat.1 Media is the second-largest broadcasting group in Europe, reaching more than 78 million TV households. SevenOne International offers an extensive portfolio of TV events, TV movies, telenovelas, prime-time series and mini-series, as well as magazines show and entertainment formats. In addition, SevenOne International markets and co-finances the programs of thirdparty producers. The company's headquarters is located in Munich. Press Contact:
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Isabelle Fedyk
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