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ProSiebenSat.1 TV Deutschland secures John de Mol’s successful program series “The Voice of” for ProSieben

Unterföhring, 2 April 2011. Spectacular program deal: ProSiebenSat.1 TV Deutschland secures the rights to John de Mol's successful show "The Voice of". The first season of "The Voice of Holland" that started in September 2010 immediately became the best rated talent show ever in The Netherlands.  "The Voice of" is a show about real talent. It is a search for the best voice. Appearances do not count. The idea of "The Voice" is not to see, but to listen. Four famous and credible musicians search for the best voices in Germany and will mentor these singers to become artists with a longlasting career. The show's innovative format features three stages of competition and its blind audition process sets it apart from every other talent show in the world. ProSieben will broadcast "The Voice of Germany" beginning in the fall. The German series is a co-production between Talpa and Schwarzkopff TV; Talpa Media Group holds the international rights. The success of "The Voice of" In 2010 "The Voice of Holland" was the television hit of the year in Holland. With market shares of up to 54% in the age 20-49 target group and 59% for young women between the ages of 20 and 34, "The Voice of Holland" was not only the most-watched primetime television show, but also the most successful talent contest ever in the country, with viewing figures that far exceeded those for "The X Factor", "Dutch Idol", "Popstars", and "Holland's Got Talent". The philosophy behind "The Voice of" "The Voice of Germany" searches for real artists with unique vocal abilities for a lasting career in the music industry. The show introduces a completely new dimension to music talent shows: In the first phase, the "Blind Auditions," the talent will need to stand out solely by virtue of their voices. Backed by a live band they perform in front of four celebrity coaches who sit with their backs to the stage and only evaluate the contestants based on their voice. The coaches are successful artists in their own right with years of experience in the music industry, and they will share their extensive knowledge and experience with the contestants. After the coaches have selected a contestant for their team will they actually be able to see that person. If more than one coach wants to select the same contestant, that contestant will get to choose their mentor. In the second phase, the "Battle Round," the contestants within each team sing against each other in one-on-one duals, after which one of them is eliminated. In the third phase singers perform live to vie for votes. At the end viewers decide, who will be awarded the title of "The Voice" and the chance to launch a successful career in the music industry. Andreas Bartl, John de Mol, Jürgen Hörner, and Karsten Roeder comment on "The Voice of Germany" Andreas Bartl, TV Deutschland CEO of the ProSiebenSat.1 Group: "'The Voice of Holland' was the television event of 2010 in Holland. With this new singing contest show, John de Mol has again shown his unique sense for creating hit shows. I am happy that we were able to secure 'The Voice of Germany' for our network." John de Mol, owner of the Talpa Media Group and creator and developer of the show: "'The Voice of Germany' is not a showcase for freaks or wanna-be stars. We are not looking for 16-year-olds who think they are the next Justin Timberlake but can't hold a tune. Only the best of the best will make it to the blind auditions. You might say that 'The Voice of Germany' begins where 'Idols'  leaves off." Jürgen Hörner, Managing Director for ProSieben: "'The Voice of Germany' is a perfect fit for ProSieben. With this hit franchise ProSieben will set new standards in Germany and will further expand its range of talent shows. For the very first time in a music contest, the only thing that counts is the contestants' voice - without exception." Karsten Roeder, Managing Director for Schwarzkopff TV: "With 'The Voice of Germany' we look forward to bringing a completely new and outstanding show to German television. 'The Voice of Germany' will be a life-changing experience for the best contestants and will completely enthrall the viewers." For questions:
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