"Tomorrow's world is what we make of it today."

The sustainability initiative #OneTomorrow stands for our overall commitment and activities as ProSiebenSat.1 Group on the topic of sustainability. We take our corporate and social responsibility as a media group seriously and want to link sustainability aspects even more closely with ProSiebenSat.1 's corporate strategy in the future.


The initiative is based on the three pillars Climate & Environment, Diversity & Inclusion and Society, derived from the strategic action areas of our sustainability strategy.


Climate & Environment bundles our internal and external activities in all segments that serve climate protection and the achievement of climate targets. "GreenSeven Week" or various environmental theme days are just a few examples that address the topics of climate and environment. 




Diversity & Inclusion encompasses our commitment in all segments around the topics of difference, individuality, and diversity in our society.  Our theme days, such as "Pride Day" or "International Women's Day," stand for this. We are also involved in initiatives such as the “myAbility Talent® program”, which supports students and academics with disabilities.




Society brings together all our commitment to socio-political issues. With formats, theme days and attitude campaigns, we to bring socially relevant aspects into the public focus via our platforms. Initiatives such as "Flutwein" (Floodwine) from Seven.One AdFactory, theme weeks such as "Mutmachwoche" (Courage Week) and campaigns such as "Geh Wählen" (Go vote) are examples of our commitment in this area.